About Us 

nessa is a company born with an intrinsic purpose: to help people connect with their five senses, in particular hearing.

We believe it is a shame to miss the gentle caress of the wind in the leaves, the peaceful sound of the waves or a soothing “I love you”, whispered amorously. We want people to fully embrace what life has to offer – the sights and sounds that move our soul.

Our passion for life drives and inspires us to create a new perception for an age-old problem by democratizing hearing. We are all about facilitating a lifestyle that’s almost a birthright, for your loved ones and for you.

We made it our passion to enable you to create effortless and joyful memories.

Don’t let your beautiful world go silent. Reconnect, with loved ones and friends, and with everything else that is so much a part of your daily life. We believe this makes the world a better place.

We believe in a holistic approach to helping you reconnect with all that’s important to you. Thanks to the passion of the co-founders, we harness the best of technology in our products to give great value to our customers.

This includes making the entire journey on nessa very enjoyable and convenient.

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Free Hearing Aid Trial


Free Hearing Aid Trial

At nessa we are proud of our products as we are of our service. We only work with reputable brands to bring you the best nessa experience.

We are confident enough to offer you a Free Hearing Aid Trial! If for any reason you feel that our products are not suitable for you, there is no obligation for you to buy.

Terms & conditions apply.

We will be there for you 

Better hearing is more than just a hearing aid. We take pride in making sure our nessa hearing package is tailored to your needs. In many cases, it is  important that you and your hearing aid receive the right amount of care to fit, tune and adjust correctly.

Our team of Audiologists and Lifestyle Advisors are contactable 6 days a week between 9am and 7pm. We can be reached by  by phone on 1800 28 11 80, email at [email protected], or using our contact us page.

Our Team 

nessa is the fastest growing hearing care provider in Southeast Asia, with presence in Singapore, Japan, Malaysia and Hong Kong.  We are proud to provide the most innovative hearing solutions to all Malaysians.

With a dedicated team of certified Audiologists and a support team of Hearing & Lifestyle advisors, our aim is to give the best hearing care in Malaysia.  We provide the most advanced technology available with a special focus on patient satisfaction.

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