Hearing Aids

Once you’re diagnosed with hearing loss, the next step is deciding which hearing aid is the most suitable for your needs and that fits your lifestyle better. This can be overwhelming, however we are here to help you on this journey



Commitment­-free trial

Finding the right hearing aid for you is not easy, which is why we offer you a chance to experience Nessa Smart hearing before you decide to subscribe.

A Hearing Aid for Every Need

We have a wide range of hearing aids to suit different lifestyles, budgets and hearing needs.  Take the first step and arrange a hearing aid trial with us. Our hearing experts will conduct a hearing consultation and let you try some hearing aids that suit you.

Made for TV

nessa smart hearing aids are specially designed not just for conversations, but also for TV. With a free TV streamer, crystal clear stereo sound is fed wirelessly to you from up to 7 meters away. You could even turn up the volume to your hearing aids independently to the TV so you can always enjoy your favourite shows with your loved ones.


Beltone Direct Remote Control 2

This easy-to-use device allows you to adjust hearing aid settings and the volume you hear from your TV or stereo.


Beltone Direct TV Link 2

Stream sounds from your TV directly to your hearing aids. Just set the volume to your own comfortable level and nobody will notice.

Beltone Direct Personal Audio Link (myPAL™)

Now you can choose just what you want to listen to by placing a small, wireless microphone close to the source of the sound you want to hear – even at a distance.

Beltone Direct Phone Link 2

Hear phone conversations in your hearing aids and use your phone hands-free.

Better hearing is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Call us toll free on 1800 28 11 80 or use our contact us form to schedule your FREE hearing assessment in the comfort of your own home.